How well do you respond to criticism?


Ich musste gerade online eine kleine Prüfung ablegen, weil ich mich für das Support-Team des Firestorm-Viewers beworben habe. Die Fragen fand ich lustig:

Frage: What’s the first thing to do when someone asks a question?
Antwort: I tell him that the question is great. :-) Seriously: I need to make sure that I understood the problem properly.

Frage: Someone (not a support team member) who answers a support question with bad advice or wrong information?
Antwort: Audiatur et altera pars.

Frage: Someone seeking help who responds to your followup questions and suggestions in an aggressive and defensive manner?
Antwort: I tell him: Don’t solve the question of guilt, solve the problem.

Frage: Someone seeking help who is polite but doesn’t understand your suggestions?
Antwort: I tell him to be patient, because I made all mistakes already when I was new in Second Life. I understand his feelings.

Frage: How well do you respond to criticism?
Antwort: Depends on the criticism.. :-) The users need support, but the support do not need users. That should be clear if nothing else works.

Frage: Describe a time when you had to admit to one or more people that you were wrong about something. How did you feeling while doing it? How did it work out? Would you be comfortable doing that in a public context?
Antwort: I’ve been experiencing drama for 10 years in role playing communities. I have been a moderator for roleplay for eight years. It can’t get any worse. :-)



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  1. Martin Däniken am November 7th, 2018 1:48 am

    “The Top 100 Things I’d Do
    If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord”
    ist eine grosse Hilfe wie man mit Kritikern umzugehen hat!

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