Economic Reasons for Security Failures

Ein sehr interessanter Artikel der New York Times (via Light Blue Touchpaper: “Social network security – an oxymoron?”): “Monopolies Breed Security Breaks”. Thema: Economic Reasons for Security Failures.

“Social networking sites such as Facebook try to capture most of their users’ online interactions in order to lock in their users and capture any ad revenue. In the process they are not only reinventing mechanisms such as email, chat, groups, Web pages and payments; they are also making the same old mistakes all over again.”

Fazit: “So as people move from the open environment of the Internet to the walled garden of Facebook, we can expect security to get worse”. Das erinnert uns an die “dumb fucks“.

Der Autor Ross Anderson zitiert einen seiner Studenten, und man muss fürchten, dass das ernst gemeint ist: “All the party invitations in Cambridge come through Facebook. If you don’t use Facebook you don’t get to any parties, so you’ll never meet any girls, you won’t have any kids and your genes will die out.”



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  1. Fluxkompensator am September 30th, 2010 11:45 am

    Ja Burks, auch am Ende dieses Monats muss ich Dir zeigen was es sonst noch für wichtige Ereignisse in diesem Land gibt. Du bist doch bestimmt auch begeister? Und die Hälfte dieses Arbeitslosenrests sollen Migranten sein, also nur 1,x Mio Passdeutsche in Arbeitslosigkeit. Grandios!

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