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oasis of Klima

Oasis of KlimaTahari desert – Secondlife-Gor, Quelle: New Voice of Gor

Die “inworld”-Wochenzeitung “The New Voice of Gor” erscheint bald im vierten Jahr. “Inworld” meint, dass sie nur innerhalb von Secondlife erhältlich ist und dort auch nur innerhalb der goreanischen Rollenspiel-Community. Die “The New voice of Gor” wird in englischer Sprache publiziert, hat aber auch eine deutsche Abteilung.

Aus dem “Impressum” (ja, ich bin der Herausgeber):



This newspaper is available IN CHARACTER at message boards in several cities. But it has OOC parts and IC parts which can be identified although many people mix both. We try to keep the two separate. But if you start a storyline based on an IC article of the NEW VOICE OF GOR it would be useful for a moderator to have a log where you have read the message ICly.

The NEW VOICE OF GOR can be true or false, propaganda or journalism like on earth. There is no freedom of the press on Gor. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story?!

“Goreans were not always fooled by posts on boards.
Those who control the public boards, it is said, control the city.
But I was not sure of this.
Goreans are not stupid.
It is difficult to fool them more than once. They tend to remember.”
Magicians of Gor)

Why is “publicare et propagare” the motto of the NEW VOICE OF GOR?

You all know that Goreans use message boards to spread news, announcements and gossip. Such are found at various points in Ar, such as the vicinity of squares and plazas, near markets, and on major streets and avenues.

Books are rare on Gor and expensive. Paper is the essential trade good of the Rencers and they sell their wares on both the eastern and western edges of the Delta of the Vosk river. The NEW VOICE OF GOR is a collection of rence paper scrolls but the editor paid some message boards too to spread the newspaper. Gorean Public Boards sometimes made people angry. Those who control the public boards, it is said, control the city.

We took our motto from the Acta Diurna [latin: Daily Acts sometimes translated as Daily Public Records] on earth. The Acta Diurna were daily official notices in ancient Rome, a sort of daily gazette. They were carved on stone or metal and presented in message boards in public places like the Forum of Rome.

Acta Diurna introduced the expression “publicare et propagare”, which means “make public and propagate”. This expression was set in the end of the texts and proclaimed a release to both Roman citizens and non-citizens.

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR is available:

for members of the group Cartographers and Explorers of Gor
for members of the group BTB Goreans
for members of the group Alliance of Valkyrie Panthers
for members of the group Gorean Information and Notices
for members of the group Goreanische Freie Presse
for members of the group Marktverbund
for members of the group – Neu auf Gor –

Available in character:
City Port of Olni (gate house) City Port of Olni (gate house)
Tharna (skybox) Tharna (skybox)
New Tancred’s Landing (new library) New Tancred’s Landing (new library)
Tampica Woods (library) Tampica Woods (library)
Outskirts of Tarnwald (docks) Outskirts of Tarnwald (docks)
City of Victoria (caste tower) City of Victoria (caste tower)

Available OOC:
Gorean campus (Library)
Gor Hub
The RPC – GRC Sim Info Centre


Zum Bild oben: Die “Oasis of Klima” wird in John Normans Buch Tribesmen of Gor (Gorean Saga) ausführlich beschrieben. Auszug:

We knew, generally, Red Rock, the kasbah of the Salt Ubar and such, lay northwest of Klima, but, unless one knows the exact direction, the trails, this information is largely useless. Even in a march of a day one could pass, unknowingly, an oasis in the desert, wandering past it, missing it by as little as two or three pasangs.

Knowledge of the trails is vital.

None at Klima knew the trails. The free, their masters, had seen to this.

Moreover, to protect the secrecy of the salt districts, the trails to them were not openly or publicly marked. This was a precaution to maintain the salt monopolies of the Tahari, as though the desert itself would not have been sufficient in this respect.

T’Zshal smiled, seeming human for the moment, and not kennel master. “None, my pretties,” said he, “knows the way from Klima. There is thus, in the desert, no way from Klima.”

“There is a way,” said Hassan. “It need only be found.”

“Good fortune,” said T’Zshal. With his whip he indicated the opened door of the kennel. “Go,” be said.

“I choose to stay, for the time,” said Hassan.

“My kennel is honored,” said T’Zshal, inclining his head. Hassan, too, bowed his head, in Taharic courtesy acknowledging the compliment.

T’Zshal smiled. “Know this, though,” he said, “that should you leave us our feelings would be injured. that our hospitality be rejected. Few return to Klima. Of those that do, few survive the pits of discipline, and of those who do, it is to dig in the open pits.” He lifted the whip, noting its graceful curve. It was the snake, many fanged, tiny bits of metal braided within the leather. “Klima,” said T’Zshal, slowly, “may seem to you a fierce and terrible place. Perhaps it is. I do not know. I have forgotten any other place. Yet it is not too different, I think, from the world on the other side of the horizon. At Klima, you will find, as in all the world, there are those who bold the whip, and those who dig, and die.”

Die Gor-Sim “Oasis of Klima” in Secondlife ist französisch- und englischsprachig und akzeptiert auch “gay roleplay”. Die “Architektur” wird nicht von Secondlife bereitgestellt, sondern muss von den Sim-Besitzern selbst gebaut werden. Das unterscheidet die Rollenspiel-Communities in Secondlife von anderen online-basierten Rollenspielen im Internet.



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