Warten of Gordot


“Gorean males are social dysfunctionals who base their rp [roleplay] around a series of sci-fi/fantasy books by John Norman. Despite the fact Norman’s prose makes L. Ron Hubbard read like Shakespeare, Goreans treat his pap like sacred writ. They do their best to base rp true to the Gorean ideal: doing fierce battle, flying around on winged lizards, and reducing women to a level of subservience impossible in actual slavery. All this while living in their parent’s basement.

Gorean males believe in Honor, spelled with a capital H, and use this to justify picking fights with every woman the encounter. If they lose the resulting fight, they complain bitterly in IMs and lay in a silent pout, thereby spoiling the ensuing RP. Needless to say, they never feel pain or fear.

Gor is every basement dweller’s fantasy, a world where sandwiches and pussy exist freely, and they all look like and act like wrestlers and people from West Coast Choppers.”

By the way: Wer sitzt da eigentlich vor der virtuellen Kneipe und was macht der da? Und ist das etwa eine High-Tech-Armbrust? Ich habe übrigens Harbinger gegen Primus getauscht. Schießt schneller.


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