Töchter 2.0


Lange keine Fotos aus Gor in Second Life mehr gepostet… Was war das noch mal gleich?

“Gorean males are social dysfunctionals who base their rp [roleplay] around a series of sci-fi/fantasy books by John Norman. Despite the fact Norman’s prose makes L. Ron Hubbard read like Shakespeare, Goreans treat his pap like sacred writ. They do their best to base rp true to the Gorean ideal: doing fierce battle, flying around on winged lizards, and reducing women to a level of subservience impossible in actual slavery. All this while living in their parent’s basement.”

Etwas neutraler: “Gor (pronounced /ˈɡɔr/), the Counter-Earth, is the alternate-world setting for John Norman’s Chronicles of Gor (sometimes called the Gorean Saga), a series of twenty-eight novels that combine philosophy, erotica and science fiction. The customs, terminology and imagery depicted in these books inspired a related subculture. On- and off-line followers of this lifestyle are called Goreans. (…) Most of the novels in the series are action and sexual adventures.”

Das obere und das untere Bild zeigen den Hafen von Gimli. Die beiden attraktiven Damen sind meine beiden “Töchter” Danika Stenvaag (links, aus Kalifornien) und Tanita Uriza (Nordrhein-Westfalen).



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