Talunas von Gor


Wie im letzten Jahr schon angekündigt, lerne ich Second Life gerade von einer ganz anderen, neuen Seite kennen, die normalen Nutzern komplett verschlossen ist. Ich schrieb: In „Gor“ findet ein kompliziertes und oft sexuell konnotiertes Rollenspiel statt: „Gor, the Counter-Earth, is the alternate-world setting for John Norman’s Chronicles of Gor, a series of twenty six novels that combine philosophy, erotica and science fiction.“

Hier zwei erste Eindrücke. Auf dem obigen Bild begegnet mein Avatar (mit Schwert und Langbogen) zwei Talunas – oder auch Panther Girls genannt. Diese Begegnung endete für meinen Avatar beinahe tödlich – auf den mehr als 100 Gor-Regionen können Avatare „umgebracht“ werden. Über die „Panther“: „They construct their own camps and shelters, each band claiming a certain territory. Usually to join an established band, you must fight and kill an existing member. Panther girls live primarily by hunting though they also engage in slaving and trade. Panther girls are considered outlaws and subject to the same penalties as male outlaws, though more often than not a captured panther girl will be enslaved rather than killed. Thus, the cities are not safe for them and they must remain in the forests. (…) Panther girls are arrogant and proud, having little respect for anyone besides themselves. They despise female slaves and will treat them with great cruelty. They hate free women as well regarding all non-panther girls as weak and worthless.“ Hier übrigens einige sehr deutliche Worte zum Frauenbild von einer „Goreanerin“: „Musings from a Gorean Feminist: Gor is so Stupid“. Und hier: „One of the most askes questions: is Gor about discriminating women?“.

Das untere Bild zeigt das Dorf Kargash auf der gleichnamigen Sim (Region).



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  1. larah am März 3rd, 2009 12:22 pm

    laughs! now burk thats a wild picture you paint:
    I am Larah, En of Sa Jerag Talunas in the Jungles of Gor.
    We do not usually kill.On Gor a human life is valuable. We know how to defend ourselves and we do not allow males to wander our jungles, as we are no mans harem. We live by our own laws. But we are not agressive, we do not raid if you don t kidnap one of our numbers. Just keep your distance and you are always safe. We do the same and rarely leave our jungles. We simply hide and enjoy our lives in friendship and love.

  2. larah am März 3rd, 2009 12:30 pm

    oh. And we are NOT Panther girls! Talunas live in the southern jungles, they wear golden ornaments and are fair skinned. Our Sisters, the Panthers live in the Northern Forests, they are far more combative and quite a proportion of them are former slavegirls. Want to know more? Read our blog: http://sa-jerag.blogspot.com/2008_12_01_archive.html

    *hugs you*

    En of Sa Jerag Talunas in the Jungles of Gor

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