Nein, die wohlwollenden Leserinnen und geneigten Leser dürfen sich nicht beschweren, dass ich trotz der interessanten politischen Weltläufte etwas Sinnloses poste – das letzte Mal kam Gor hier am 14. Mai vor. Also bitte nicht jammern! Da müsst Ihr jetzt durch.

Da das deutsche Wikipedia das Thema “Gor” für irrelevant ansieht, muss etwas publizieren. Immerhin ist John Norman zwar ein Trash-Schriftsteller, aber auch ein Bestseller-Autor mit Millionen-Auflage, dessen Bücher der Mainstream-Buchhandel in Deutschland wegen freiwilliger Selbstzensur weder führt noch liefert. Das muss man als Autor erst einmal hinkriegen. (Ich habe es selbst bei Dussmann – nur aus Neugier – in der fremdsprachigen Abteilung versucht – Fehlanzeige. Das nennt man dann vermutlich “freie” Büchermarktwirtschaft.)

The City of Tharna [Der Screenshot oben zeigt die Secondlife-Sim Tharna - "adults only"] is the subject of the second of the Gor novels, Outlaw of Gor. Tarl Cabot has returned to Gor after seven years and found Ko-ro-ba to have been destroyed by the Priest-Kings. He then decides to journey to the Sardar to confront the Priest-Kings and stops in Tharna on the way. Tharna is located far to the northeast of Corcyrus and Venna. It is surrounded by many other cities. Tarl arrives in Tharna in 10116 C.A. and remains around there until 10117 C.A. When he finally leaves Tharna, it is a much changed city.

Tharna was once like any other Gorean city. But, over many generations, female dominance became the norm. Originally, the city had a certain Rite of Submission by which the men enslaved women. Part of the Rites involved binding the female captive with yellow cords and placing her on a scarlet rug. The color yellow symbolized talendars, a sign of feminimity and love. The color red symbolized blood and possibly passion as well. After that, the man would place a sword to the woman’s chest and utter the ritual phrases of enslavement. (…)

The city was ruled by a Tatrix, a queen. She wore a gold mask of a beautiful but cold face. Her Robes of Concealment were also gold in color. All women in the city wore similar masks though their masks were made of silver. The women of the High Council of the city would wear silver robes to match their masks. In 10113 C.A., Lara ascended the throne to become Tatrix. This was the year after their war with Thentis. Lara ruled Tharna when Tarl arrived in 10116 C.A. Her second in command was Dorna the Proud.

Tharna was known for providing hospitality to strangers unlike most other cities. Most cities view strangers as enemies. But, Tharna had a sinister motive for such hospitality. Anyone who remained in the city for more than ten hours could never leave. They would become slaves working in the fields or the mines. Despite its open door policy, the city is not very inviting once you enter its gates. The gates are made of black wood, bound with bands of steel and studded with brass plates. Two giant beams lock the gate, each beam so large that it takes a team of tharlarions or one hundred slaves to move it. The gates are only open during the day. (…)

Grillen 2.0

Grillen 2.0

Was macht eigentlich der Avatar in seiner Freizeit? Grillen 2.0!

Tancred’s Landing, revisited

Tancred's landing

Meine Gor-Sim Tancred’s Landing in Second Life, schon mehrfach umgebaut, aber das macht man mit Modelleisenbahnen ja auch.

A noob’s thoughts on roleplaying in Gor for the first time…


Via “What the Gor?

Sugarlips oder: Avatare sehen dich an, reloaded


Besitzerin eines Ladens, der (nicht nur) auf virtuelle Lippen spezialisiert ist.

Schöne Körper(teile) für Männer


Dieser Avatar-Laden bietet ungefähr das ästhetisch Anspruchsvollste, was man in Secondlife zur Zeit finden kann. Ein virtueller Körper kostet rund 2000 Lindendollar, das sind ungefähr sechs Euro, der unten abgebildete Körperteil noch mal so viel.

Ich weiß nicht, ob Frauen solche Körper attraktiv finden oder ob vorwiegend Schwule virtuell so aussehen wollen. Das jeweils herrschende Schönheitsideal einer Gesellschaft ist bekanntlich relativ. “Die evolutionsbiologische Erklärung für Schönheitsideale ist, dass empfundene Schönheit mit evolutionär vorteilhaften Eigenschaften korreliert. (…) Schönheitsideale spiegeln immer auch die in der jeweiligen Gesellschaft herrschenden Machtverhältnisse wider. Gebräunte Haut etwa, die von jeher ein Zeichen von Unterprivilegierung war, wurde in den 1960er Jahren zum Schönheitsattribut, als die besser verdienenden Kreise das Mittelmeer als Urlaubsziel entdeckten.”

Interessant erscheint mir der gegenwärtige Trend in kapitalistischen Gesellschaften, den Körper künstlich modifizieren zu wollen – dazu gehört im weiteren Sinne auch Piercing. Der Körper wird zum Transportmedium bestimmter sozialer Zeichen. Das müsste ja nicht so sein – man könnte stattdessen auch die Kleidung benutzen.

Ich glaube auch nicht, dass ein Waschbrettbauch zu allen Zeiten als schön galt. Wikipedia über die Antike: “Fettleibigkeit hatte jedoch keinen negativen Beiklang, sondern galt im Gegenteil als begehrtes Wohlstandszeichen”. Aber eben vemutlich nur für Männer. Und über das so genannte Mittelalter: “langes Haar war auch das wichtigste Attribut des schönen Mannes”. Sag ich doch!

Feuerbestattung 2.0


[13:23:27] εỵοlα Ǥȑɛʏ (Eyola Resident) she looked to her kids…..then to damien…”you will not be alone my love….nor forgotten….son and daughters of damien….let us send him off….on his last voyage….” with that choked words she whispered….”i love you” and then she placed her torch down to the wood….watching it begin to catch flames….she sobbed and fell back in some steps holding to the rock for support….the stick dropped into the pyre

[13:24:35] Lemon Lanley: steps back again as the flames arise, she looks at the man beside her, with that practiced eye of many many years working with young people, she felt rather than saw many things

[13:25:01] Ąřςαđɨuş Ǥřɛƴ (Braego Resident) takes a deep breath and steps forward. to add his torch to the pyre. “Never forgotten” was all he could say – in fact he spoke more today than he did since the day his father died. He steps back to stand next to his family

[13:26:05] Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza): he did not understand all words, but this must be a funeral of an important man and the people are very sad indeed, he observes the scenery carefully showing respect and decides to keep quiet at the moment

[13:26:15] Kolasis Resident: took a deep breath of her own and held it biting down hard on her lips to seal them.

[13:26:24] Kajsa Ǥȑɛʏ (Saskia Haven) adds her stick to the pyre, as silent tears now awash her face, watching her father leave them, in body, but never in spirit,
A partner, a father, a grandfather too,
This is the legacy we have from you.
You taught us love and how to fight,
You gave us strength, you gave us might.
A stronger person would be hard to find,
And in your heart, you were always kind.
You fought for us all in one way or another,
Not just as a partner not just as a father.
For all of us you gave your best,
Now the time has come for you to rest.
So go in peace, you’ve earned your sleep,
Your love in our hearts, we’ll eternally keep…

[13:27:09] Wynn Salomon shouts: I am the caste of the Warriors.. and it is in our codes that the only death fit for a man is that in battle.. I can no longer believe that is true.. For this very man , my brother… died well.. and taught me that all wisdom and truth does not lie in my own codes..” He nodded “Lo Rarius Civitatii Gor”

[13:28:26] Kαřα Ǥȑɛʏ Sαloɱoɳ (KaraAesaGrey Resident) steps to the burnig piramide and tosses her torch at the fire . She smoke and the smell from the burning body dazzled her eyes full with tears …” we love you daddy , you will be in our hearts always”.. she hollow words leave her lips

[13:29:36] Kreon71 Resident looked at the burning corpse feeling the smell of burned flesh the he was familiar with from before. the smell sticked his nose but he didn’t show any emotions

[13:32:28] Ąřςαđɨuş Ǥřɛƴ (Braego Resident) stares in the flames. Ignoring the smell of burning flesh he d simply stare in the raging flames that slowly start to eat up his father´s corps. He crosses his arms across his chest as if he d all of a sudden start to freeze even tho the heat of the fire was more than hot on his skin. He didn t step back, not one single step.

[13:33:49] εỵοlα Ǥȑɛʏ (Eyola Resident) she had lost her rock now…she was alone….unprotected…she held onto the rock before her…sure the kids had eachother, and kara had wynn….and beyond glad that no one had gone in her house….the smell of her love burning, could not measure the pain in her heart….but she didnt move…she didnt look away…

[13:35:24] Kαřα Ǥȑɛʏ Sαloɱoɳ (KaraAesaGrey Resident) feel her companion present next to her she is thankful for his support at this hard moment .Kara watches the flames with empty eyes .. the wind spreads around dusk from the fire .. like in some dream her mind drew the image of her beloved father thrilled for a moment at the flames and she saw for a moment the strong dark silhouette of the brave warrior .. than the wind blow out more disk

[13:36:36] Kolasis Resident: listened to the pop and sizzle. The mesmerizing dance of the sparks scorching minute paths higher and fading into streaks of soot over and over. The flame light gilding her hair and gown with splashes of flickering fire.

[13:38:04] George Bravin (Avi1971 Resident): backed quietly away.. seeking a quiet spot to consider his thoughts of mortality.. and to allow the grieving family their privacy.

Rarius Yuroki

Rarius Yuroki

Da ich schon mein Bild hier erneuert habe, können jetzt die wohlwollenden Leserinnen und die geneigten Leser entscheiden, ob ich im realen Leben oder virtuell die bessere Figur mache. Hier mein “goreanischer” Avatar Rarius Yuroki, Kaufmann, Banker und ehemaliger langjähriger Ubar (Warlord).

Auf einem der unzähligen Blogs über Gor lesen wir: “The Gorean term for a Warrior is ‘rarius’ and the plural form is “rarii.” A rarius denotes any type of Warrior and not just a member of the Warrior Caste.”

Auf dem Rücken trägt mein Avatar zwei Schwerter und eine Armbrust, von der der Knauf zu sehen ist. Unter der Kapuze hat der Avatar Dreadlocks – nur der Vollständigkeit halber. Und um den Arm einen Ring mit meinem Wappen – zwei goldene Löwen auf rotem Grund.

Für Aufruhr sorgen

tancred's Landing

Screenshot: Tancred’s Landing, backside

Barts Blog: “Er ist der Besitzer und Betreiber der BtB-Sim “Tancred’s Landing” und ich bin mir ziemlich sicher er steckt auch hinter dem Avatar Raschid Hassanein, der immer mal wieder ein wenig gerne in Gor auf Deutsch trollte und durch gezieltes Lancieren von Mitteilungen für Aufruhr in der Gruppe sorgte.”

Das muss ja ein pöhser aufrührerischer Mensch sein, dieser Avatar Raschid….

Beware of the owner

second life

Das Avatar-Profil eines “Goreaners” in Secondlife; man kann dort für andere hinterlegen, was die über einen wissen sollen. USMC ist klar, und für historisch Gebildete bedeutet auch Da Nang etwas. Klar, das ihn “pixel swords” nicht sonderlich beeindrucken. Ich werde mal versuchen, ihn als virtuellen Leibwächter anzuheuern…

Tancred’s Landing

tancred's Landingtancred's Landing

Screenshot unten: Mein Avatar redet mit (m)einer “Sklavin”, die im realen Leben Waliserin ist (“fuck the Queen”) und sich gegen die dortigen Rassisten und Nazis engagiert.

Meine virtuellen Waffen: Armbrust, Schwert, Schild, Dolch, Enterhaken mit Seil (um über Mauern zu kommen). Leider gibt es im goreanischen Secondlife keine Nazis, sonst hätten sie schlechte Karten gegen meinen bis an die Zähne bewaffneten Avatar.

Kommt doch mal vorbei in Tancred’s Landing!

Satoshi Nakamoto oder Avatare sehen dich an, reloaded


Heise über den angeblichen Bitcoin-Erfinder: “So werden Aussagen von verschiedenen Familienmitgliedern zitiert, die ihn als fachlich brillanten, aber menschlich schwierigen und sehr zurückgezogenen Zeitgenossen charakterisieren. Ferner habe er ein ausgeprägtes Misstrauen gegenüber staatlichen Einrichtungen und dem herrschenden Finanzsystem gepflegt.”

Ich finde den auf Anhieb interessant und sympathisch. Einiges davon trifft ja auch auf mich zu. SCNR

Das Bild hat gar nichts mit dem Thema zu tun. Oder doch? Satoshi Nakamotos Avatar in Secondlife (Abbildung ähnlich)?

No way from Klima

oasis of Klima

Oasis of KlimaTahari desert – Secondlife-Gor, Quelle: New Voice of Gor

Die “inworld”-Wochenzeitung “The New Voice of Gor” erscheint bald im vierten Jahr. “Inworld” meint, dass sie nur innerhalb von Secondlife erhältlich ist und dort auch nur innerhalb der goreanischen Rollenspiel-Community. Die “The New voice of Gor” wird in englischer Sprache publiziert, hat aber auch eine deutsche Abteilung.

Aus dem “Impressum” (ja, ich bin der Herausgeber):



This newspaper is available IN CHARACTER at message boards in several cities. But it has OOC parts and IC parts which can be identified although many people mix both. We try to keep the two separate. But if you start a storyline based on an IC article of the NEW VOICE OF GOR it would be useful for a moderator to have a log where you have read the message ICly.

The NEW VOICE OF GOR can be true or false, propaganda or journalism like on earth. There is no freedom of the press on Gor. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story?!

“Goreans were not always fooled by posts on boards.
Those who control the public boards, it is said, control the city.
But I was not sure of this.
Goreans are not stupid.
It is difficult to fool them more than once. They tend to remember.”
Magicians of Gor)

Why is “publicare et propagare” the motto of the NEW VOICE OF GOR?

You all know that Goreans use message boards to spread news, announcements and gossip. Such are found at various points in Ar, such as the vicinity of squares and plazas, near markets, and on major streets and avenues.

Books are rare on Gor and expensive. Paper is the essential trade good of the Rencers and they sell their wares on both the eastern and western edges of the Delta of the Vosk river. The NEW VOICE OF GOR is a collection of rence paper scrolls but the editor paid some message boards too to spread the newspaper. Gorean Public Boards sometimes made people angry. Those who control the public boards, it is said, control the city.

We took our motto from the Acta Diurna [latin: Daily Acts sometimes translated as Daily Public Records] on earth. The Acta Diurna were daily official notices in ancient Rome, a sort of daily gazette. They were carved on stone or metal and presented in message boards in public places like the Forum of Rome.

Acta Diurna introduced the expression “publicare et propagare”, which means “make public and propagate”. This expression was set in the end of the texts and proclaimed a release to both Roman citizens and non-citizens.

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR is available:

for members of the group Cartographers and Explorers of Gor
for members of the group BTB Goreans
for members of the group Alliance of Valkyrie Panthers
for members of the group Gorean Information and Notices
for members of the group Goreanische Freie Presse
for members of the group Marktverbund
for members of the group – Neu auf Gor -

Available in character:
City Port of Olni (gate house) City Port of Olni (gate house)
Tharna (skybox) Tharna (skybox)
New Tancred’s Landing (new library) New Tancred’s Landing (new library)
Tampica Woods (library) Tampica Woods (library)
Outskirts of Tarnwald (docks) Outskirts of Tarnwald (docks)
City of Victoria (caste tower) City of Victoria (caste tower)

Available OOC:
Gorean campus (Library)
Gor Hub
The RPC – GRC Sim Info Centre


Zum Bild oben: Die “Oasis of Klima” wird in John Normans Buch Tribesmen of Gor (Gorean Saga) ausführlich beschrieben. Auszug:

We knew, generally, Red Rock, the kasbah of the Salt Ubar and such, lay northwest of Klima, but, unless one knows the exact direction, the trails, this information is largely useless. Even in a march of a day one could pass, unknowingly, an oasis in the desert, wandering past it, missing it by as little as two or three pasangs.

Knowledge of the trails is vital.

None at Klima knew the trails. The free, their masters, had seen to this.

Moreover, to protect the secrecy of the salt districts, the trails to them were not openly or publicly marked. This was a precaution to maintain the salt monopolies of the Tahari, as though the desert itself would not have been sufficient in this respect.

T’Zshal smiled, seeming human for the moment, and not kennel master. “None, my pretties,” said he, “knows the way from Klima. There is thus, in the desert, no way from Klima.”

“There is a way,” said Hassan. “It need only be found.”

“Good fortune,” said T’Zshal. With his whip he indicated the opened door of the kennel. “Go,” be said.

“I choose to stay, for the time,” said Hassan.

“My kennel is honored,” said T’Zshal, inclining his head. Hassan, too, bowed his head, in Taharic courtesy acknowledging the compliment.

T’Zshal smiled. “Know this, though,” he said, “that should you leave us our feelings would be injured. that our hospitality be rejected. Few return to Klima. Of those that do, few survive the pits of discipline, and of those who do, it is to dig in the open pits.” He lifted the whip, noting its graceful curve. It was the snake, many fanged, tiny bits of metal braided within the leather. “Klima,” said T’Zshal, slowly, “may seem to you a fierce and terrible place. Perhaps it is. I do not know. I have forgotten any other place. Yet it is not too different, I think, from the world on the other side of the horizon. At Klima, you will find, as in all the world, there are those who bold the whip, and those who dig, and die.”

Die Gor-Sim “Oasis of Klima” in Secondlife ist französisch- und englischsprachig und akzeptiert auch “gay roleplay”. Die “Architektur” wird nicht von Secondlife bereitgestellt, sondern muss von den Sim-Besitzern selbst gebaut werden. Das unterscheidet die Rollenspiel-Communities in Secondlife von anderen online-basierten Rollenspielen im Internet.

RL (Real Life)

Tancred's landing

RL (Real Life) – (n) (1) an imaginary, dream-like world frequently described by avatars shortly after waking up in-world. (2) the constant interruptions that interfere with your ability to stay in-world 24 hours a day. (Reprint)

Mondänes Kleinstadtleben


Habe ich abgeheftet unter “was es so alles gibt”. Ich war da noch nicht (virtuell). Aber es ist schon klar, dass man anspruchsvolles Rollenspiel für Erwachsene nur in Secondlife veranstalten kann, wenn man auch über den Plot und das Ambiente selbst bestimmen will.

Eine Art meditative Entspannung

Tancred's landingTancred's landingTancred's landingTancred's landingTancred's landing

Meine Gor-Sim Tancred’s Landing in Second Life – alles selbst gebaut (und soeben umgebaut) – eine Art meditative Entspannung für mich.

Nackte Sklavin in tropischem Regen


Das Bild meiner Gor-Sim Tancred’s Landing in Second Life habe ich natürlich nur wegen des Titels gepostet und wegen der geifernden Jugendschutzwarte.

Smalltalk 2.0 oder: Geschäftlich im hohen Norden unterwegs


Eigentlich wollte ich einen schon begonnenen Artikel fertigschreiben, aber ich habe nun doch beschlossen, heute zu relaxen, was nach drei Tagen und jeweils 12 Nachtschicht hintereinander auch erlaubt sein sollte. Auch ein Tagesseminar Krav Maga “Abwehr von Messerangriffen” werde ich ausfallen lassen. Stattdessen werde ich am Abend in Secondlife unterwegs sein, dort habe ich auch genug zu tun. Außerdem erscheint am Montag wieder die englischsprachige Wochenzeitung “New Voice of Gor”, die ich herausgebe und produziere und schreibe – mittlerweile die 144ste Ausgabe im dritten Jahr.

Mein Avatar ist der mit dem weßpen Pelzmantel. Wir sitzen an einem virtuellen Feuer in Mjolnir (SLURL). Kurz darauf wurde das Dorf von einem Dutzend Krieger überfallen, und ich musste in die Tunnel flüchten, weil es dummerweise und überraschend meine ärgsten Feinde waren, die aber gar nicht wussten, dass ich im hohen Norden Gors unterwegs war. Das hätte dumm ausgehen können. (99 Prozent der geneigten Leserinnen und wohlwollenden Leser verstehen nur Bahnhof schütteln jetzt missbilligend die Köpfe und wenden sich anderen Blogs und Websites zu, die sich ernst und schmallippig politischen Themen widmen.)

Torvaldsland (noun): cruel, harsh, rocky land located northwest of the Hrimgar Mountains, above the Northern Forests and below the Polar Plain with which it shares the shores of the Artic Sea. Area commonly taken to start with the thinning of the great forest trees northward; it is northwest up the coast from the Vosk delta. The Skerry of Einar, by the Rune-Stone of the Torvaldsmark, marks the boundary of the Torvaldsland and the south. The Stream of Torvald, a current, moves eastward to the coast and then north; like a broad river in the sea, pasangs wide. The temperature is warmer than the surrounding water and helps warm Torvaldsland, without this current the people couldn’t live. Torvaldsland is a cruel, harsh, and rocky land with little arable soil. Though not treeless, it is a bleak land. Ka-la-na and temwood cannot grow there and are highly prized. The men are used to the cold and accustomed to war and the labor of the oar and are seasmen, traveling in their oared Serpent ships in search of parsit fish. The Torvaldslanders are fierce and aggressive warriors, preferring the great axe as their weapon. They hold to old gods, like Odin and Thor, and are much like the Vikings of Earth.
(Book 9: Marauders of Gor, pages 55-56)

Zema’s Passing


“As many of you know, zema clarity who was a valkyrie sister and a sa’jesuil too, passed away a few days before christmas. she died on the operating table and had breast cancer. she was a caring and good panther and was in valkyrie forest until days before her death. our thrall, blue, who knew her in real life and adio her bond are grieving deeply. our hearts, our thoughts, our prayers go with her and her family and we will set up a memorial to her here in valkyrie forest.
love, dani

Die Begriffe der goreanischen Rollenspieler-Subkultur in Second Life sind für Außenstehende schwer zu verstehen, deshalb die erklärenden Links. “Real life” meint das “reale Leben”, “Zema Clarity” ist der Avatar-Name der Verstorbenen, der Screenshot zeigt das Profil-Foto ihres Avatars. Dani (Danika Stenvaag), die den Nachruf veröffentlichte, ist die virtuelle Anführerin der goreanischen “Amazonen”-Bande “Valkyries“, der die gestorbene Spielerin angehörte.

Karneval der Kulturen 2.0


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