Çatalhöyük, revisited


Das ist ja eine ganz entzückende Anfrage, die ich natürlich positiv beschieden habe! (Leider gibt es das Projekt in Secondlife nicht mehr.)

Dear Burkhard Schröder,
I’ve just completed a paper discussing openness of digital visualizations of Çatalhöyük to a multiplicity of interpretations in relation to Umberto Eco’s idea of “open work”, for a book on Digital Cities that will appear from Oxford University Press under the edition of Helena Murteira and Maurizio Forte. Images of your experimentation at Çatalhöyük in Second Life has provided very useful insight for the discussion in the paper, as one of the three main examples. I wish I could read German as well.

Since number of visuals per paper in the book is limited to 5, I’ve decided to use a group of 8 images as combined into a single frame for Second Life, and the attached four images are from your blog. I am not sure if the publishers will accept this visual format, but for the moment I am requesting your permission for reproducing the images.

Many thanks in advance for your kind help.
With my best regards,
Zeynep Akture (Ph.D.)
Department of Architecture
Faculty of Architecture
Izmir Institute of Technology
Gulbahce Campus, Urla
35430 Izmir, Turkey



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  1. LordPiccolo am April 7th, 2016 6:57 pm

    Oooooh, die Zeynep ist ja entzückt von dir :)

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