European Court of Justice: Internet-Zensur (aka “Netzsperre”) verstösst gegen die Grundrechte

Court of Justice of the European Union, Press release No 37/11: “According to Advocate General Cruz Villalón, a measure ordering an internet service provider to install a system for filtering and blocking electronic communications in order to protect intellectual property rights in principle infringes fundamental rights.”

Vgl. auch Rickard Falkvinge (Piratenpartei Schwedens):

“Advocate General Cruz Villalón considers that the installation of that filtering and blocking system is a restriction on the right to respect for the privacy of communications and the right to protection of personal data, both of which are rights protected under the Charter of Fundamental Rights. By the same token, the deployment of such a system would restrict freedom of information, which is also protected by the Charter of Fundamental Rights.”



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