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 [Latinoblog 13] Guyana 4 - Visions of the Interior Nchstes Thema anzeigen
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Visions of the Interior

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It has often been said that we have too few singers of the interior of this beautiful country of Guyana exept fo Arthur Seymour, W.T. Lord, Ron Savory and a few others, but suddenly there has emerged the clear young voice of Robert Fernandes who invites u to share with him the beautry and the solace of quit places by the presentation of photographs in which the camera is an instrument of art so that the pictures are not only evocative but are intended to stimulate an urge to visit and explore the many beautoful places yet waiting to be discovered. They represent not only a flair for composition but in many the spirit of the place is captured in a manner difficult to describe as is exemplified in Evening Shadows and John Danien Fall. Water is obviously his predilection.

On the coastlands and in the near and far interio savannahs the sky dominates the landscape. The forest is a more complex feature that requires a different understanding. The variety and appeal of our many rivers increase as they are ascended into the hills and mountains. Waterfalls abound in infinite variety and beauty, and in these pictures we are introduced to the poetry of water - the result of a complete harmony and a creative urge that lifts them above the ordinary.

It is a good thing to love your country but it is a greater good if you inspire this love in others. Trees and water are among the greatest features of Guyana - two resources to be treasured and preserved for the generations yet unborn. The Guyana forest is not a jungle, it is one of the safer forests of the world, whrer nothing rushes out to attack unless disturbed or trod upon.

It is said tha some Arabs' vision of Firdaus (Paradise) is a land of water and trees, of coolness and shade. Here in Guyana is an erathy paradise to be gained by all who will travel on foot or by water in our lovely native land.
By Adrian Thompson

Robert J. Fernandes, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Fernandes Senior, was born in Georgetown, Guyana in 1947. He attended Sacred Heart R.C. Scholl and Saint Stanislaus College. A keen footballer during his school days, he eventually represented his country at international level.

His contact with the interior dates back to school holidays spent on his father's wood grant in the Demarara River. In later years he made several journeys into the interior where his main purpose was to visit and photograph waterfalls in remote areas.
Published in 1977 by Ministry of Education, Social Development and Culture, Brickdam, Georgetown, Guyana.

Empfehlenswert zu diesem Thema: Roraima and Kukenaam sowie Sir Walter Raleigh: The Discovery of Guiana, 1535.

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Das Fotobuch von Robert J. Fernandes im pdf-Format kann von registrierten Nutzern heruntergeladen werden. (ca. 3. MB)

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