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roleplay gor

Sorry, den Screenshot habe ich nur wegen des naheliegenden Titels gepostet. Der in der Mitte war ein Killer und außerordentlich guter Rollenspieler. Auch der andere Kerl war ein paragraph roleplayer.

“The dictionary definition of roleplay is “to assume or act out a particular role.” Roleplay is, basically, assuming the form of a character, and writing as that character, in a certain setting. It’s writing, but more/less structured, depending on how you look at it. When you set to write a story, you must write the setting, the plot, the characters, everything. When you roleplay, the setting and main plot has already been decided, as well as every character but your own. You have control over only half of the story, your own side. The other half is up to the other players. This strengthens interaction skills.”

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