There is no resistance


Bild: Caspar David Friedrich: Winterlandschaft

There is a popular saying, “Wherever there is oppression, there is resistance”. This oft-quoted statement might sound lofty and uplifting, but, alas, it is patently false. As experience of the 20th century politics demonstrates well, it is quite possible to organise a state in a way that precludes the existence of any visible resistance – at least, for a long, long time. (Andrei Lankov, in Al Jazeera)

Jetzt kann man sich natürlich fragen, welches Land er meint: Deutschland oder Nordkorea?

How do they keep their people so passive and so obedient?

Religion. Tarifpartnerschaft. Medien. Volkswirtschaftslehre. Obrigkeitsstaat. Freiwillige politische Selbstkontrolle. Melden, durchführen, verbieten. Überwachung. Ich habe ja nichts zu verbergen.