Forever Young

second life

[Auszug aus einem Chat-Protokoll]

[11:36 PM] [Burks‘ Avatar]: what do you think how much the Lindenlabs earn with the online shop monthly?
[11:37 PM] [a virtual friend]: its depend what you set for advertising
[11:37 PM] [a virtual friend]: the advertising is fucking expensive
[11:37 PM] [a virtual friend]: but you no need to do this if you decide its no necessity
[11:37 PM] [Burks‘ Avatar]: the tier of gor sims as about 80.000 US dollar montly or more
[11:38 PM] [a virtual friend]: one full sim is 400 RL $
[11:38 PM] [Burks‘ Avatar]: so the monthly income from gor for lindenlab would be something between 150.000 – 200.00 US dollar monthly including everyting
[11:38 PM] [a virtual friend]: homestead is 100
[11:38 PM] [Burks‘ Avatar]: 300 gor sims at the moment
[11:38 PM] [Burks‘ Avatar]: 200 full and 100 homestead
[11:38 PM] [a virtual friend]: 300×400 :)
[11:38 PM] [a virtual friend]: just from gor
[11:39 PM] [Burks‘ Avatar]: yes, but imagine uploading textures and buying things
[11:39 PM] [a virtual friend]: yes
[11:39 PM] [a virtual friend]: the tier is just little part of what they earn
[11:39 PM] [a virtual friend]: its much more
[11:39 PM] [Burks‘ Avatar]: but i am talking only about Gor
[11:39 PM] [Burks‘ Avatar]: so i think gor is the financial kernel of sl
[11:39 PM] [a virtual friend]: exactly
[11:40 PM] [Burks‘ Avatar]: because there is no other subculture with so many sims
[11:40 PM] [a virtual friend]: the SL owner is fucking millionaire lol
[11:40 PM] [Burks‘ Avatar]: but it is not sure if sl has a future
[11:40 PM] [Burks‘ Avatar]: because of the client
[11:40 PM] [a virtual friend]: its is the future dear
[11:40 PM] [a virtual friend]: will be changed
[11:41 PM] [a virtual friend]: there are coming new virtual tecnologies
[11:41 PM] [a virtual friend]: soon .. may be after 30-40 years the world will be virtual
[11:41 PM] [Burks‘ Avatar]: i agree
[11:42 PM] [Burks‘ Avatar]: but only a few people will agree
[11:42 PM] [a virtual friend]: may be it would be not SL. SA lot other c virtual world are in the net
[11:42 PM] [a virtual friend]: but this is the future
[11:43 PM] [a virtual friend]: its more and more people live virtual life. The young people stay infront the computers now .. they dont play outside on the street as we did when we were kids
[11:43 PM] [a virtual friend]: this is the future
[11:43 PM] [a virtual friend]: and honestly i like it :)
[11:43 PM] [Burks‘ Avatar]: lol
[11:44 PM] [Burks‘ Avatar]: i hope i will be able to use a computer and to recognize the monitor when i will be 80 or 90 and need to stay at home
[11:44 PM] [a virtual friend]: the virtual world is giving also to the old ppl this wonderful posibility to feel themself young again :P


3 Kommentare zu “Forever Young”

  1. Myan am Februar 4th, 2013 1:26 pm

    Gor scheint sicher einer der größten Communities zu sein, macht aber nur einen kleinen Teil des Umsatzes mit Regions aus.

    Aktuell gibt es 20.682 private Regions, von denen ca. 55% Full-, 43,5% Homestead- und 0,5% Openspace-Sims sind.

    Allerdings verzeichnet LL wohl einen rasanten Abgang an Regions:

  2. andreas am Februar 4th, 2013 1:43 pm

    when you ever get to being eighty or ninety the computer will recognize you need to stay at home, uselessly consuming scarce provisions. it will then decide to stop producing oxygen for the box you are assigned to and flights of machines will sing thee to thy grave.

  3. admin am Februar 4th, 2013 1:47 pm

    Ja, aber schau dir mal den Traffic an, und zwar den, der nicht mit bots simuliert wird. Bei Gor geht es bei den belebten von 60000 bis 5000 täglich, und 10000 ist für eine nicht-Gor Sim extrem viel.

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